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Handcrafted by BackkBenchers Community

There are many existing paper solution available in market, but Topper’s Solution is the one which students will always prefer if they refer… ;) Topper’s Solutions is not just paper solutions, it includes many other important questions which are important from examination point of view. Topper’s Solutions are the solution written by the Toppers for the students to be the upcoming Topper of the Semester.

Why Topper’s Solutions?

  • Point wise answers which are easy to understand & remember
  • Diagrammatic representation for better understanding
  • Additional important questions from university exams point of view
  • Covers almost every important question
  • Trusted by 50k+ Students


The solutions are just awesome, its for everyone, toppers also and average students also and most important for them who feel tough to get passed, if you study these solutions then you wont feel getting passed difficult, its so easy with these solutions

- Ankur Yadav

Easy & Best Notes for last moment study. If you are engineering student, then you must refer notes by Toppers Solutions & BackkBenchers Publications. They provide point wise notes and notes are also up to mark 😊

- Sagar Narkar

In question answer form.. also in points…. Sufficient enough to write in exams for getting atleast 7 marks if strictly checked…. else 10 it is.

- Dipin Budhrani

Very good. Have passed few semesters by studying just one day from this

- Sahil Mhatre

One of the best solution in market…very helpful for exams

- Arvind Fale

best solution i ever seen…thank u so much.it s very helpful while exams.

- Shalini Mano